Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

Written friday, on my laptop:

So I'm on a train, and their interminable announcement mentions that the Transportation "Security" Administration might be conducting random checks of photo ID. Now obviously the difficulty of procuring a fake photo ID has brought the underage drinking problem to a halt, and of course a federal bureaucracy is extremely likely to perform optional extra work voluntarily and thus follow up on this kind of threat for a reason other than to get back at somebody who annoyed some petty bureaucrat.

But my concern is actually more fundamental: what are they worried might happen? Are they worried somebody might hijack the train and slam it into a building? Perhaps if they aren't vigilant, Richard Pryor might come back from the dead and team up with Gene Wilder again to make a sequel to "Silver Streak". I do know they're not particularly interested in making sure my luggage isn't stolen (the only bad thing I can remember happening to me on a train, many years ago), but if I accidentally leave my luggage behind I'm sure they'll blow it up with explosives.
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