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An administration without any intelligence.

So why is El Shrubbo so desparate to be able to plug suspects' genitals into wall current? Because they can't get the information they need any other way, and they think this will help them get good intel. This administration is critically and chronically short on intelligence. Hold that smirk.

It must be frustrating to not understand the world. You piss off half the planet, and people object. It's a conspiracy! You know, if we'd invaded Colombia to go after the drug lords, killed tens of thousands of civilians in the process, and were still there three years later with daily fighting and no exit strategy, I'd expect the local Columbians to try to make us go away too. This does not require a worldwide conspiracy, this is simple incompetence.

Still, those nefarious masterminds plotting against you must be really, really clever if you can't find them after all this time. It's almost like they don't exist. Remember, this started with one guy in a cave in Afghanistan, on the border of Pakistan. But they couldn't find him, so he must have allies hiding him. But then they couldn't find THOSE guys either, and after several iterations it's a worldwide conspiracy that has us looking for explosives in bottles of shampoo and nail polish carried by 80 year old grandmothers.

This is called progress in the war on terror. Don't you feel safer already?
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