Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

Sad how LJ keeps deteriorating...

When I first started using LiveJournal, my friends list went arbitrarily far back. Since there was no pressure about reading it, I did so fairly regularly.

A year or two back, I noticed that somewhere past skip=250 messages it would stop showing anything older, unless I went into the individual friends' journals one by one and read there. Knowing there was a deadline before posts would "fall off" reading became a bit of a chore (especially churning through long posts from neilgaiman or twistedchick, which I _wanted_ to read but take time). Currently, skip=135 is showing all the way to the end of what the database fetch will do. That's sad. It's wandering off towards useless from my point of view.

I should set up a real rss aggregator...

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