Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

LJ drama! Oooooooh.

Ok, it was a mistake to take jer_ out of my spam filter over on penguicon-general. I added him the first time for argumentatively inserting himself into the middle of an existing conversation (his online style annoys the heck out of me, I tend to have problems with the "nothing to say, loudly" approach. I'm also reminded of the old quote, "the person who says it's impossible should not interrupt the person doing it").

But then I met him in person in the con suite, and he seemed friendly enough, and his livejournal showed signs of intelligence when I was tracking down con reports (and filtering him chopped up threading on the list), so I removed him from the filter. Two days later, he jumped right back into the middle of an existing conversation (misinterpreting it, of course, but being firmly convinced of his position despite this). And I blew up at him, which reminded me why I asked to be removed from the concom list last month. (I got a little enthused during the actual con, but I'm still not local to Michigan. My reasons to want to disentangle myself remain valid, and getting distracted from them was wrong.)

It's not Jer's fault, of course. I've had similar blow-ups with Matt for years, and the year 3 con chair, and even year 1 with Tracy's registration people (who had no email address, didn't use the internet at all, and were handling registration for a technical conference). At the last two cons I went so far as to work around the concom entirely, adding new things (LN2 ice cream in 2006 and panel recording in 2007) that I did myself, and didn't have to coordinate with anybody else ahead of time. (Other than asking the 2006 con suite lady for space, which was only polite.) It seems incredibly silly in retrospect, having to avoid the concom like that, but at Penguicon I got excited enough that I was honestly thinking of doing friday morning tutorials, and a call for papers for 2008, and a heartbeat blog on penguicon, and...

But I'm still not local to Michigan, I still get pushback from people who meet in person quite often but only speak to me via email. The best thing I can do for the Michigan crowd is to stay out of their way, and instead put my effort into launching a sequel to Linucon when I get back to Texas.

Right. Step 1: Come up with a new name. (I still can't top "Penguicon". It's not just Linux, it's fannish. "Ford, you're turning into a Penguicon. Stop it." "And now it's time for the Penguin on top of your television set to explode." Penguin books. One by one, the Penguins steal my sanity... Everybody can get behind penguins. Linucon got handed off to other people for year 2 and all the paperwork's expired even if anybody knows where it is, easier to start fresh. And I was never really fond of that name. But the best I've come up with since is "Y'allnix", which has a joke going for it (a southern version of Usenix), but it's just too tech-heavy. It's not a good name for a science fiction convention.)

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