Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

Huh. Fire.

A car caught fire, parked on the street about 30 feet downhill from the Te Cafe. One of the women who works at the shop told us as she came in, as the fire truck was pulling up. We all went out and watched, which was probably dangerous but no more than being inside a glass storefront under the circumstances. The fire truck put it out about a minute after arriving.

Something near the right front tire caught fire. Coffee shop theories range from a discarded cigarette lighting the tire to a fuel line leaking on hot metal under the hood. I feel bad for the owner; even if they have collision, it wasn't. It's gotta suck coming back and finding out your car caught on fire while you were out.

I'm also pondering my position that while I'm willing to carry around an Orwellian tracking device, giving it a built-in camera is going too far. Last time this happened, Mark got pictures with _his_ cell phone...

[edit] Dear livejournal: unquoted URLs in an anchor tag are not "irreprable markup".
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