Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

Got up at 7 am to get the VPN and flash and such working enough to watch an all-hands meeting. Went back to bed until it was time to drive to the Russian consulate in houston, got my visa, and drive back. (Fade came along, but didn't want to do any driving, so I couldn't use my laptop. We have more empanadas.) That was most of my day right there.

I am now prepared to visit Russia! Got my plane ticket, hotel reservation, and visa. What I don't have is weather-appropriate clothing, which is probably going to be an issue. I also need to figure out if energy drinks are likely to make it through customs. (8 hours of jet lag is going to require some serious caffeine, and I don't like coffee and am picky about my tea.)

The Ubuntu 10.04 wireless driver for the new laptop actually only works for _one_ connection. The modprobe/insmod trick has to be repeated in order to associate with a new device, or to scan for new devices. This is version 4 of the firmware, I can only imagine what the first 3 were like.

Work email is outlook web access, and has reached the "my inbox overfloweth" point with only 3 fairly low traffic mailing lists. And so I wrestle with outlook filters. I need the list-id entry in order to reliably categorize messages (otherwise when a message is cc'd to me to two different lists I follow, all the copies wind up in the same place and the threading is screwed up in the other folders. I note that gmail eats copies of messages I sent that lists send back to me, meaning threading is _always_ screwed up in those folders if you use gmail, so outlook has lost the coveted "dumbest mail program ever" award, but not through lack of trying.)

In order to view headers, you have to click on the message, then find the little tiny icon in the upper right of the view pane with an arrow pointing to the upper right that says "view original message" if you hover over it, click that, and then in the pop-up window one of the icons (again, identified only by over text) says "message details", and THAT is how you view headers on an email. Then options (it's tiny text in the upper right corner), organize email, inbox rules, new rule, more options, message arrives->includes words->in headers, past the phrase into the entry box, click plus (it only let you click ok until you add the new entry to a list), click ok...

It goes on from there for a while. It breaks things down into so many non-threatening steps that getting anything done is incredibly tedious, and it hides any potentially threatening options so finding out whether it can do them at all can take days.

I'm still trying to figure out if there's a way to apply these rules to exisisting messages, or if I'm going to have to move all of the old emails by hand. (It's not right clicking on a folder, it's not clicking on a message, it doesn't appear to be under options->organize email...)

And I just _can't_ get it to treat email as normal text. It keeps switching itself back to composing HTML (even when I tell it not to), and anything I cut and paste into the message becomes an attachment even if that hunk of text doesn't _look_ like one in the composer window. Sigh, is there some way to get an imap interface to this thing so I can use a REAL email client?

I really look forward to focusing on the actual _programming_ parts of this job. Finally setting up a containers test environment so I can tell what's wrong with the NFS client mounts in that context, so I can fix it.

The LWN articles on containers weren't that impressive, and the openvz wiki is as unindexed as most wikis are and seems aimed at management types more than developers, but I _finally_ found a decent-seeming howto ( dunno why Google didn't pull that up when I asked), and the lxc man pages ( are pretty good although the package REFUSES to install them. (The above html email mess is me trying to talk to the lxc-dev list to report that the man pages install is broken on ubuntu.) The Documentation/cgroups stuff in the kernel source seems fairly decent too, although I haven't finished reading it yet. (That's not aimed at actually using it, that's telling you how bits of it were implemented in a non-integrated way. Still, I need to know it...)
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