Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

Debian is not ubuntu.

The problem with creating a debian chroot as described last post is that it has 2.6.26 kernel headers and glibc 2.7, with no obvious way to upgrade either. Which means it hasn't got /usr/include/sys/timerfd.h, which means it can't build lxc. (Not being able to build lxc is a bit of a theme here.)

Possibly I should be trying to set up a gentoo chroot? At least I know how to force-upgrade that one across version boundaries. (Forcing a new kernel on an existing distro isn't a big deal, but upgrading glibc out from under Debian? Not so much.) I'm trying to do debian because the host is ubuntu (and I already made LXC build on that), but the version skew between Ubuntu LTS and debian stale (not a typo) is kind of surprising. Or I should just boot a Fedora liveCD: As far as I can tell, this has been developed exclusively on Red Hat Enterprise, and never tested anywhere else...

Trying debian sid for the moment. First attempt filled up the 2 gigabyte disk when I installed the development packages (libc6-dev manpages-dev mercurial git cvs pdftk g++ gcj libncurses5-dev xmlto diffstat patch libsdl1.2-dev git-core make). At a guess, the unstable version of debian has a lot of debug flags enabled. Retrying with an 8 gig filesystem image.

Wrestle with it in the morning, it's past my bedtime...
Tags: dullboy
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