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Work-related things I'm currently learning.

  Yet more about the kernel (this never ends).
  Containers design/theory
    - It's actually kind of cool.
  Current kernel containers implementation
    - cgroups, clone flags, devpts "newinstance"...
  LXC design/implementation/UI
    - configure, use, implementation, debugging the darn thing.
  Network routing in containers
    - ethernet bridging, tun/tap, venet, veth, macvlan
    - moving a physical interface into a container.
  Working with git branches
    - and which branches are interesting in things like bfields NFS tree
  NFS design
    v2, v3, v4, client, server, sunrpc, portmap, mountd...
    man: rpcinfo nfs exports mount fstab nfsd lockd statd rquotad mountd...
  NFS implementation in the Linux kernel
    fs/nfs, fs/nfsd, fs/sunrpc
  Thunderbird, exchange, and how to get the combination of the two:
    - to filter mailing lists
    - _not_ to do HTML email, ever.
    - Where it hides "reply all" and the ability to view all headers
  Parallels' human resources paperwork stuff.
    - Timecard, expense report, health insurance
  Visiting Russia
    - visa, travel arrangements
    - I should actually learn the language at some point

It's a make -j 16 or so process, advancing very slowly but on multiple fronts. Luckily, some of the processes are short jobs that terminated already. (Ok, the new laptop still hasn't got USB working, but I can export internet from my phone via wireless and bring a wall charger for it if there's an outlet handy...)

I also note that I worked around the "documenting how to set up a container involves building busybox from source, which involves installing development tools in the kvm system" issue from a couple days ago by updating the busybox binaries on the website. (Yay gordian knots.) I should be able to finish up that documentation tomorrow later today.
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