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The flu really hangs on.

So I got about 4 good hours yesterday and today looks like the first time in a while I'll be able to CONCENTRATE for longer than that. This whole being sick thing sucked at great length, but I think it's finally worked its way through. (Famous last words.)

So, what have I done recently: triaged my patch list, got the most recent versions of everything and fixed up all the conflicts to make sure they apply to the current -git. I need to check my last postings of each in the archives to see if anybody replied with comments I haven't addressed yet. (Unaware of any, but if they didn't cc: me I probably didn't see it, so...)

Went through livejournal here and added a "documentation" tag to the entries that I or other people might want to refer back to. Some of that I need to put on the website, although the format of wordpress is funky and some things can only be accessed via sftp. (My continuing efforts to write a new news post to announce the 0.7.4 release have met with no success. Emailed Daniel about it: it says it posted, but my changes don't show up.)

Upgraded my test environment to the new lxc 0.7.4, which of course ate my test containers. (Sigh. Building from source vs installing the prebuilt debian stuff.) So I had to set the debian container back up, and found out that my notes on doing that were incomplete. I need to update those and make them into a part 3 of my HOWTO series.

All this finally lets me try to fix the NFS superblock merging. Last message I linked to the Linux Weekly news entry where Al Viro ACTUALLY EXPLAINS get_sb() in the context of saying "that was a horrible API, it was my fault, it's going away, and we've already removed all users of it except NFS which as always is doing something uniquely horrible that needs special case handling".

I hate NFS.

Linus hasn't released 2.6.38 yet, and I'm sort of racing against this looming deadline because I don't want my patches to get lost in the noise. (It's probably inevitable anyway. Most of 'em are the kind of bugfixes I can get in even during/after the deluge, but it's a good habit NOT to do that. Now is the ideal time to drop new patches, it's the quiet before the storm. This is actually when Linus schedules his vacations. Being sick right now has not helped.)
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