Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

todo list collating.

My todo list has once again exploded to the point where everything is distracting me from everything else and I'm forgetting what my todo items ARE, so it's time to write it down and prioritize again. (And this doesn't even include long-term stuff like containerizing the 9p filesystem or fuse, or testing LXC on non-x86 hardware platforms.)

Basic NFS containerization patches:
  - Fix third patch lifetime rules, get Serge Hallyn to re-review.
  - Get updated patch to Tim Spriggs so he can test/ack it.
  - Repost to list with acked-by lines.

More NFS stuff
  - Finish lockd/statd containerization
    - which is really part of containerizing knfsd but needed for client too.
  - make kerberos work
  - triage NFSv4

Test cases
  - Automate existing routing tests
  - Setup locking test.
  - Go through tests Stanislav sent
    - fairly openvz specific

Go through OpenVZ patches
  - Learned on most recent trip to russia that NFS _does_ work under openvz.
    - Under which test conditions?  Which patches fix what?

Review pending LXC based checkpoint-restart patches
  - Reading through giant linux-kernel thread.
  - Track down lxc patch needed to test it out.
  - Read

Finish reading through LXC code
  - small program to demonstrate basic functionality in C.
    - Fork and setup namespaces
    - cgroup fiddling
    - Move network interface into container.
    - Marshall /dev/tty stuff.

OLS paper
  - Giant heap of research
    - LWN links
  - Submit abstract to website (hard part: cut it down to 2 paragraphs).
    - What is the scope of this paper?
      - Virtualization: VM vs chroot (I.E. the Scale spiel)
      - non-virtualization uses (I.E. linus's "magic patch" from 2.6.38)
        - migration, load balancing, container-aware OOM killer
        - Gives system more info/concepts to work with.  (Analogy to multi-user.)
      - history (OpenVZ etc)
      - Implementation details (C code from reading LXC "small program" above?)
  - Kir said he was doing a white paper, get copy, read it, cite as reference.
  - Administrivial (SVN and latex setup)
    - Can I build my own non-draft OLS2010.pdf brick to re-split for

Fix VPN setup to access intranet websites
  - intranet routes 10.* and 192.168.* but home router is 192.168.*, conflicts.
  - Making it work in a kvm doesn't let me watch the "town hall" videos.

Submit travel expenses from Scale and Moscow trip.
  - Proper way this time: HR site accessible through the VPN.
Tags: dullboy

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