Rob Landley (landley) wrote,
Rob Landley

I Aten't Dead.

It's been a while. Let's see.

Linucon happened. I should post a con report. I have a text file full of stuff for it. I also posted some con related stuff at

Altogether, it looks like Linucon cost me $7500-$8000, although I haven't paid all of that off yet. That's not including my laptop, which got destroyed at the convention. (I limped along for a bit with a desktop system, then broke down and bought a new one of the same model. I can't afford it, but can't afford not to have a laptop, either. Still running knoppix on it while I build a Linux From Scratch system. Well Fedora has started to seriously suck.)

Of course what's really got me depressed is the election. Linucon just tired me out and drained my cash reserves. (I didn't go into debt for the con, but it was really close.) I'll happily do it again this year (on a much tighter budget), if I'm still in the country. That's a big unknown right now.

I've given myself one week to decide. Either I buckle down and get a new day job in Austin, or I move out of the country. I've already ruled out Australia (for the moment, anyway). Vancouver (Canada) and Edinburgh (Scotland) are both possibilities. Or somewhere else in the UK.

I keep thinking about boiled frog theory. (Yeah, the literal version has been debunked.) Still, I meant to move after the idiot moved from governor of Austin (putting in place the mess that's led to gerrymandering, toll roads, paving over the triangle, closed source electronic voting with no audit trail, and all the other fun of the last four years) to the white house. But my mother was sick, and then she died, and then I was busy...

Now, I'm in a position to move, at least if I sell my condo and hand Linucon off to somebody else. Or I could get a job for a year, get enough of a financial cusion to move without selling the condo, and merely rent it out. (I've already had two inquiries from friends who know I'm thinking of leaving.) If Bender does move permanently (he's renting a new closet and I haven't seen him in days, but no decision has been made. Apparently he's allergic to something near the condo, my guess is the pecan tree outside since he didn't start having problems until autumn...) I could pile my stuff in that closet and free up both rooms...

I'd hate to be an absentee landlord, though. With taxes about $160/month, condo association fee around $180/month, and a mortgage in the $350 range, it's costing me $690 a month to keep that place, before repairs. But if I paid off the mortgage ($35k to go, or so), it would drop to $340/month, which is a lot more doable. I doubt I could pay off $35k in a year, though...

Half the people I know are thinking of moving out of Austin (including the entire 78704 area code, it seems). I hate to think of selling my condo if I'd just be back here in 2008. (Even under a republican president. The thought of Bob Dole didn't make me want to move overseas. Dole was merely creepy...) It's a nice condo. And 2/3 paid off. (Of course if the toll roads do go in, I wouldn't come back...)

And if I pull out, even if I hand off Linucon to Stu or Mark, I don't know if it would survive. Stu hasn't got the drive. Mark hasn't got the free time or the experience. Linucon needs about 3 years before it's stable...

Decisions, descisions...
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